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Chargification app contains the following features:

1. Chargification app will play app's built in musics when charger is plugged in, plugged out, battery gets fully charged and when battery is low. 4 types of music for 4 cases.

2. User can set desired music and the app will play user selected music instead of the built in music.

3. User can also set your desired text and the app will read the text instead of playing music.

4. App will run in background. So app will work even if the app is killed from the recent apps.

5. User can turn off the app by stopping the app service inside the app.

6. App will work again when user will turn on the app service.

7. User can set battery full and battery low level and the app will give alert when battery reaches that level.

8. Chargification is a lightweight and efficient app and doesn't drain battery even if it runs in the background.

9. The app will also play sound or say text when the screen is locked.

10. App doesn't contain any ad.

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