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Transform your smartphone into an artificially intelligent device using the artificially intelligent android app Zyrian. Zyrian is an intelligent creation which can understand the user’s speech and perform tasks according to your commands. Zyrian can also do little conversation with you. Zyrian is compatible with Android 4.4 Kitkat and higher version of Android.

Features of Zyrian:

  • Make phone calls to specified contact name or number directly
  • Browse websites
  • Turn on/off Wi-Fi
  • Turn on/off Bluetooth
  • Turn on/off flashlight
  • Control screen brightness
  • Search any text
  • Send email
  • Send SMS
  • Real time text recognition from camera and image
  • Calculate simple expressions (addition, multiplication, subtraction, division)
  • Open any installed app on the device
  • Built in voice controlled music player
  • Tell jokes
  • Device information
  • Location information
  • Memory information
  • Installed app information
  • Battery information
  • Network information
  • Weather information
  • Control device volume
  • Time & date
  • Change wallpaper
  • Say any text
  • Set reminder

Zyrian will hear your voice continuously. So you don’t have to press any button and you can use Zyrian from other apps. If you don’t want to let Zyrian hear your voice continuously then you can turn it off from the settings. Zyrian works from the lock screen without breaching the security. So you can do various tasks using Zyrian without unlocking your phone.

Zyrian contains user manual. So users will not face any problem to use Zyrian. There is also a keyword list included in the Zyrian. Clicking on the keywords will tell details about the keywords.

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